Commission info


All works will be for personal use only, no commercial use is allowed.

I will draw:
Original characters, fan art,
platonic interactions (i’m not very good at anything too romantic),

I will not draw:
NSFW, mecha

Payment & Process

Payment & Process

After the brief is accepted, a rough sketch will be sent to the commissioner for review. When satisfied with the sketch, a paypal invoice will be sent. Commissioners must pay the full amount before the piece can be worked on.

Artwork usually takes 1 week to 1 month to be completed, time varies according to complexity. Commissioners will be notified of any delays.

Default Style

Clean lineart, flat, usually desaturated color. JPEG file, 300dpi.
+ additional $0/$2/$2/$3 for gradient and simple shading per character.

Headshot: 15$ USD

Waist: 25$ USD,
+22$ per additional character

Thigh-up: 32$ USD,
+30$ per additional character

Full body: 42$ USD,
+40$ per additional character

+additional cost will be added for backgrounds and character design,
according to complexity. Simple backgrounds are free.

Chibi style

Cute vector. 300 dpi PNG and resizeable Illustrator file (as requested).

Head only: 7$ USD

Full body: 30$ USD
+additional cost might be added if the character design/pose is too complicated.


You can reach me to discuss what you want by a message via tumblr, or by email to [email protected].

Make sure to specify what style you want, how much of the body is cropped, and the pose/fashion/vibe in mind. Reference photos are very much appreciated and is a must for OCs, unless you want me to semi-design what they look like based on a written description.